Ell Beauty Bar is so excited to announce that this upcoming winter season we will be offering classes for the aspiring hair and makeup artist! As the beauty industry is always changing, Ell Beauty Bar always stays educated on the latest hair and makeup trends. Ell and her team believe that the best way to stay educated is by learning from each other.

Classes for aspiring stylists will be taught by Ell and her team. You will learn specific techniques for your bride to be and also how to promote yourself and your work through social media. A picture can say a thousand words and the importance of lighting and shadowing can be just what you are missing. Ell is so excited to show her tips and tricks to help you gain the clientele you have always dreamed of.

Our first class will be held on Saturday, February 17 and will be open to Cosmetology and Esthetic students as well as licensed cosmetologists. Class will be from 9am to 3pm with a one hour break in which lunch will be served. The morning will consist of Ell and her team working on live models. We ask that you prepare yourself by purchasing the tools and products that we use so that you can properly participate in our hands on workshop. Ell will have products provided for purchase as well. We ask that each stylist please have their own live model. They can arrive between 12:45pm and 1:00pm for our hands on workshop. Keep in mind when choosing your model, to take into consideration the length, texture and thickness of their hair. Please be sure to tell your model to have one day old dry hair and little to no makeup on. We are most excited to share with you how beautiful it can be when a career and a passion come together!

Tools                                                                                    Products

1.       Reverse Wand                                                            1.    Redken Wax Blast

2.       1” curling iron                                                             2.    Redken Hot Sets 22

3.       1 ¼” curling iron                                                         3.    Redken Iron Shape 11

4.       Bobby pins                                                                4.    Redken Fashion Work 12

5.       Hair pins                                                                    5.    Redken Control Addict 28

6.       Rubber bands                                                           6.    Sebastian Volupt Spray

7.       Flat brush                                                                  7.    Sebastian Dry Clean Only

8.       Wide tooth comb

9.       Teasing comb

10.   Tail comb